Our Fees

The State of Washington has established the maximum fee amount that may be charged by notaries public for various notarial services. Notaries may charge for travel expenses providing the person requesting the notarization and the notary agree upon the travel amount prior to travel.

Certifying Or
Attesting Copies

For certifying or attesting a copy,our fee is $10.00, for each copy. 

Administering An Oath
Or Affirmation

For administering an oath or affirmation, our fee is $10.00.

Certifying That An Event
Has Occurred

Our fee for certifying an event that has occurred,our fee is $10.00 for each event.

Witness Or
Attest Signatures

For witnessing or attesting a signature, our fee is $10.00, for each signature.

Certifying That An Act
Has Been Performed

For each certification that an act has been performed, our fee is $10.00.

Taking An Acknowledgement Or Verification Upon Oath Or Affirmation

For taking an acknowledgement or verification upon oath or affirmation, our fee is $10.00.

Make Protests Of
A Negotiable Instrument

As of July 1, 2018, unless we are under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney or licensed financial institution, such as a bank, we are no longer offering this service. However, if we meet either of the criteria above, our fee for notarizing each instrument is $10.00 per instrument.


Our travel expenses consist of round-trip mileage from our location to the location where we will perform the notary services for you plus our travel time. Any out-of-pocket costs, such as making copies, will be in addition. We'll discuss and mutually agree upon all fees in advance of travel.


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