Our full array of in person, professional in person notarization services include … 

Notary Signing Agent


Oaths And Affirmations

Certifying Certain Events

During an acknowledgment, the signer personally appears before us at the time of notarization to be positively identified and to declare — or “acknowledge” — that the signature on the document is theirs and that they signed willingly.

Alternatively, the signer may sign the document before bringing it to us and declare — or acknowledge — to us that the signature on the document is theirs.

In some cases, we may simply need to administer an oath or affirmation orally, rather than as part of a jurat​, affidavit or other written document. The purpose of administering a verbal oath or affirmation is to compel truthfulness.

An oath is a solemn pledge to a Supreme Being. An affirmation is a solemn pledge on the individual’s personal honor. 

We may certify that an event has occurred or an act has been performed based on our personal knowledge or “satisfactory evidence,” which often refers to the oath or affirmation of a credible witness personally known to us. When relying on the oath or affirmation of a witness,  we will have the witness swear an oath or affirmation that the event occurred or the act was performed before signing document documenting that event or act.

Certifying a copy
Witnessing A Signature
certain protests

Certifying A Copy

Witnessing A Signature

Certain Protests

By certifying or attesting a copy of a document we are verifying that the document in question is an exact copy of another document. To do so, we must compare the copy with the original document and determine that the copy is a full, true and accurate transcription or reproduction of the original.

We can witness a signature taking place by having the signing party physically present to sign the document or if the document is already signed then the signing party can have the signature attested instead.

A Washington notary is only allowed to certify and note protest of negotiable instruments under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney or a licensed financial institution such as a bank. This act requires specialized training and specific circumstances, so only notaries who are acting under the narrow circumstances permitted by statute duty should perform this act. Therefore, we’ll perform this service only under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney or licensed financial institution.




Financial Documents;
Company Documents;
Passport Applications;
Handgun Permits;
Identity Theft Victim’s Complaint and Affidavit;
Uniform Consent to Service of Process;
Affidavit of Heirship;
Unclaimed Property Inquiry.

Promissory Note Agreements;
Bank Transfer Service Forms;
Supplemental Marriage License Applications;
Temporary Guardianship Agreement;
Medical Authorization for Minors;
Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale;
Applications for Admission to Practice as an Attorney;
Notice of Lien, Lien Release, or Authorization to Add/Remove Name from Title.

Power of Attorney (POA);
Reverse Mortgages;
Employment Contracts;
Legal Affidavits;
PS1583 – Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent;
Designating Beneficiary(ies) for a Retirement Account & Death Benefits;
212243 – U.S. Department of State Issuance of a U.S. Passport to a Minor Under Age 16;
Vehicle Certificate of Ownership/Title Application;
Advanced Health Directive Forms.


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