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To help you prepare for your notary session, we offer the following tips.

Loan Signings

In Person Notarizations

If you’ve received the signing documents in advance, we ask you to retain the documents in the order you received them.

We also ask your understanding and cooperation in establishing a business environment free from distractions such as telephones/cell phones ringing (please have ringers turned ‘off’); TV’s, children and/or pets in the background, etc.

We’ll also encourage you to review our COVID procedures before our arrival.

After you’ve scheduled your in-person notarization appointment and placed your order, we’ll confirm the appointment, time and location via email or telephone call.

We’ll also encourage you to review our COVID procedures.

For the appointment, you’ll need a passport, driver’s license or government-issued nondriver identification card which is current or expired not more than three (3) years before performance of the notarial act.