A Notary Signing Agent (NSA) is an individual responsible for overseeing loan the signing process and notarizing the documents in a loan package.

As a Certified NSA, we oversee the signing of documents for:

  • Refinance (the most common type of loan) a primary residence, a vacation home or rental property;

  • The purchase or sale of property where we may assist either the buyer, the seller or both parties;

  • HELOC (home equity line of credit secured by the property) loans;

  • Commercial (purchase of real property owned by a business, legal entity or corporation) loans;

  • Construction (temporary loan used to build a home or structure) loans; and,

  • Reverse mortgages.

Notary Signing Agent

Our Responsibilities

As a Certified NSA, our key responsibilities are:

  • To oversee the document signing process;

  • To notarize applicable documents;

  • To ensure the documents are signed, dated or initialed properly;

  • To review all documents;

  • To return the documents as instructed by the lender; and,

  • To provide superior, professional service.

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Witnessing Signatues

The Process

Our proven process will help ensure your signing of your loan documents will occur in the most professional, transparent, honest and respectful manner.

  • We’ll begin by contacting you to set-up/confirm the signing appointment. We’ll review the loan signing process and discuss the signing logistics with you;

  • Upon arrival, we’ll introduce ourselves, present identification, arrange the workspace and review our COVID procedures;

  • We’ll review the signing process and verify your ID’s;

  • We’ll present you with a copy of the document package and obtain the specified stipulations, if any;

  • We’ll complete our Notary Journal entries;

  • We’ll present the documents to you for signing, initializing or dating; and,

  • We’ll complete a quality review of the entire loan document package.


General Comments

Our process typically requires 45 – 60 minutes, depending upon the number of documents, number of signers and general questions.

We ask your understanding and cooperation in establishing a business environment free from distractions such as telephones/cell phones ringing (please have ringers turned ‘off’); TV’s, children and/or pets in the background, etc.

Please realize that we are not licensed attorneys and, therefore, can not offer legal advice or answer specific questions regarding the loan documents. For your specific questions, we’ll be happy to refer you to your loan officer or broker.

Together, we’ll complete your loan signing in a smooth, orderly and professional manner.

We move patiently and deliberately throughout the entire process, so that you will not feel rushed.


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